Slots RTP Explained In Simple Terms

The Return to Player (RTP) rate is a popular term most typically used among slot players and online casino enthusiasts. So, if you are an avid slots player or are vaguely interested in playing slots, you most likely may have already heard of the term RTP. However, you may not necessarily know what it means, how it's calculated or even if there is such a thing as a good or bad RTP.

If this sounds like you, then you're in luck. This article will explain everything there is to know about RTPs and answer your most frequently asked questions. We will discuss what RTP is and how, if at all, it can potentially affect your gameplay. Hopefully, this will help you better understand RTP rates, which may allow you to make more informed choices about the slot games you wish to play and their respective RTP rates. 

What Does RTP Stand For on Slots?

As briefly mentioned above, RTP stands for the Return to Player rate. Simply put, the Return to Player is the amount you can potentially expect to get back relative to your bet when playing a slot or casino game. While slots are a game of chance and have risks involved, a game's RTP rate could help you take calculated risks when choosing a slot game to play.

Please keep in mind that an RTP of a slot game is just a theoretical number used as a guide to what a slot game might payout. It is not a foolproof way that guarantees you will win when playing a slot game. 

How Is RTP Calculated on Slots?

Calculating a slot's RTP yourself might be tricky as it is not a literal indication of what you will receive.

When calculating an RTP of a slot, several things are taken into consideration, including the game's volatility. For example, a slot game with high volatility and high RTP might pay less frequently when compared to slot games with medium or low volatility and lower RTP.

Moreover, calculating RTP becomes significantly more complex when a game offers advanced features and multiple paylines.

Casino sites usually calculate the RTP rate by dividing the amount a slot returned to players (winning amount) by the amount the players gambled. So, for example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, you could say that it will theoretically give back up to £96.00 for every £100.00 you wager over a period of time. 

The key word here is "theoretically" because it is impossible to determine a slot's pay rate in a short period. Therefore, the slot must be played over an extended period to be adequately given its RTP rate. Think thousands, if not millions of spins!

Where Can You Find The RTP Of A Slot Machine?

The best way to find out about a slot's RTP rate is usually through the Game Provider's fact sheets or how-to-play guides. You may also find this information through an online casino's slot game review. These typically contain details about the slot game, including its RTP, volatility, how many paylines the slot has, what the minimum and maximum bets are, and the theme of the slot game.

But, if you want to hear it from the horse's mouth, more often than not, the slot developer will disclose the RTP of the slot on the actual game itself. In addition, trusted and credible casino sites such as will also have this information available for you.

You will rarely struggle to find details related to a slot game's RTP, as this is usually one of the top-selling points and deciding factors for most slot enthusiasts.  

What Is a Good RTP on Slots?

In the grand scheme of things, RTP rates may not seem that important. For example, some slot players may want to know if Random Number Generators are used in slots to ensure that winnings are completely random. However, RTPs can still be used to help determine which slot games may offer you the best chances of potentially winning.

Playing slots with a reasonable RTP rate might be better for your odds than playing a slot with a low RTP. However, as the RTP is established over millions of spins, this might not always be the case.

On average, online slots have an RTP of 96%. So, anything around 96% and above is considered a reasonable RTP rate. This is because, in theory, higher RTP rates are supposed to provide you with better odds of potentially winning. 

But, always consider that an RTP is not necessarily a good indicator of your odds of winning. Remember, online slot winning combinations are generated at random, so there's no telling how often, if at all, you will win.

Does Bet Size Affect RTP?

Back in the day, how much slot players bet on a game would affect the RTP rate. The higher the bet, the higher the RTP would be, but this is no longer applicable. Today, your bet size does not affect a slot's RTP.

The only thing bet sizes affect is your maximum potential payout. So, if a slot has a potential maximum payout of 10,000x your wager with bets ranging from £0.10 to £100.00 per spin, how much you wager will determine your overall payout.

The RTP will remain fixed. However, we acknowledge that some slots have various RTPs. But, this has nothing to do with your bet sizes and more to do with whether or not the game developer allows the casinos to set their own RTP rates for a particular game.

Can Online Casinos Change RTP?

As mentioned above, slot developers sometimes allow casinos to choose their own RTP rates for particular games. They would usually provide the casinos with various RTP rates to choose from, usually 3 rates. 

For example, the provider Play'n GO would often give casino operators the option to choose their own RTP rates for some of their games. That is why you may find some slots with different RTP rates on various casino sites.

What Is The Average Slot Machine Payout?

On average, online casino slots have an RTP rate of 96%. However, most online slots have an RTP of 95% to 97%. That is a significant increase from the 93% to 95% RTP rates online slots used to have when they first started becoming popular.

Which Slots Have The Highest Return To Player?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly which online slots have the highest RTP rates as many game providers are developing new slot games every day. But, we have scoured our list of online slots and found the following slots to have the highest Return to Player rates:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.