Highest RTP Slots - Online Slots With High RTP

Those who play online slots may know slots aren't just about the design and bonus features. There's so much more to casino slots than they first appear on the surface.

Read on if you want to learn more about what's behind an online slot! We'll be guiding you through everything you need to know regarding a slot's RTP, how much it can potentially payout and the volatility. We will also be discussing which online slots have the highest RTP rates. 

Hopefully, by reading this, you may better understand the right kind of slot to play for you based on your personal preferences.

What Is RTP (Return To Player)?

If you have seen "RTP" with a percentage when playing online slots and weren't sure what it meant, let us tell you in the simplest terms.

RTP stands for Return to Player. It is the estimated value players can theoretically expect to win or lose on a particular slot. You will notice that every online slot machine has a different RTP. As a rough guide, an online slot with an RTP of over 96.50% is considered to have a high RTP.

Let's use an example to help you better understand. If an online slot machine has an RTP of 96%, in theory, players may get back 96% of what they bet, and the online casino would theoretically receive 4%.

Choosing slots with a higher RTP could potentially give you a higher chance of winning. However, please be aware that the RTP percentages are theoretical, and values are subject to change at any time.

What Is The Highest RTP?

Every single online slot has a different RTP. Slots with an RTP of 96.50% or lower are considered to have a low RTP rate. For example, Fluffy Favourites has an RTP of 95%, which is considered to be on the lower side.

A slot with an RTP above 96.50% is believed to have a high RTP. For example, one online slot with a high RTP is Monopoly Megaways, which has an RTP of 96.50%.

Do Any Slots Have Over 100% RTP?

In short, no, there aren't any slots with over 100% RTP. If there were, online casinos would be out of business! On average, the RTP of an online slot machine ranges between 95% and 97%

Of course, there are some slots with an RTP higher than 97%, but you may have to do some research to find those. We'll share some of our favourite high RTP slots with you in a moment!

Which Slots Have The Highest RTP?

At Kong Casino, you will find many online slots with the highest RTP rates, including megaways slots. So, log in or sign up today and play our top high RTP slots once you have made your first deposit. Here are some of our slots with a high RTP that our customers enjoy playing the most:

  • Mystery Reels Megaways from Red Tiger Gaming has an RTP of 96.18%. It's an exciting megaways slot with 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win with every spin. The mystery symbol feature is the main feature whereby mystery symbols can clone themselves on the reels to help you potentially land more generous wins. A top prize of up to 10,000x your stake is up for grabs.
  • Gold Rush is a Pragmatic Play slot with an RTP of 96.50%. It is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot with a gold mine theme, where you'll be mining for possible gold and treasure. Gold Rush has many exciting elements, including wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, and free spins.
  • Jack Hammer, by NetEnt, has an RTP of 96.96%. It has a crime comic book style with criminals and detectives. It's a unique slot with 25 fixed paylines and 15 independently spinning reels. There are also a couple of bonus features that you may activate, including a sticky win feature where reels are held in place while you spin again.

Best Payout Online Slots UK

There are many best payout online slots to play here at Kong. So, come and take a look at our top selection of online slots! Here are our top 3 favourites with the best potential payout:

  • Big Bad Wolf is a Quickspin slot with an RTP of 97.35%. Big Bad Wolf has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The theme is based on The Three Little Pigs story, and of course, there are lovely 3D animations to match. Big Bad Wolf has a couple of bonus features, including a free spins feature.
  • Blood Suckers from Net Ent is one of our best possible payout slots with an RTP of 98%. It is a very thrilling online slot with a vampire theme, with plenty of features and potential free spins. The top win available is up to 900x your total bet.
  • Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix has an RTP of up to 98%. This fun Irish-themed slot by Barcrest is full of colourful graphics and has 5 entertaining features. Some of these include a Road to Riches feature, where you can spin the wheel to potentially reveal a multiplier prize and a free spins feature that may trigger up to 30 free spins. In addition, Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix offers a top prize of up to 500x your bet.

Theoretical RTP

As previously mentioned, a slots RTP refers to Return to Player. You may have seen the word "theoretical" on this page and displayed on online casino games when referring to RTP. But what exactly does this mean?

To a degree, all slot payout ratios are theoretical, as online slots are unpredictable. Every online slot is random, thanks to the RNG (Random Number Generator) and there is no guarantee that you will match the game's payout percentage. However, with everything being random and fair, the theoretical percentage of an online slot machine will most likely be reached over time.

Volatility Vs RTP

If you are unfamiliar with how slots work, you may be confused with both volatility and RTP, especially as they can both be referred to as high or low.

All casino games have an RTP percentage. This refers to the slot's theoretical payout calculated over thousands, if not millions of games played. As the RTP is theoretical and calculated on a wide calculation of games played, players can get different results every time they spin. The more you play, the closer you could potentially get to the theoretical RTP. The results, therefore, may vary significantly.

When looking at online slots, another key factor is volatility. The volatility is important as it refers to your potential wins in a slot game. High volatility slots tend to pay out less frequently but have bigger potential prizes, whereas low volatility slots are the opposite.

Why Do Progressive Slots Have Lower RTP?

When playing progressive jackpot slots, you may have noticed that they usually have a lower RTP rate when compared to other online slots. The payout percentages are typically lower because a percentage of your wager is feeding the progressive jackpot pools.

Some of these slots may only be seeded at a few thousand pounds; however, others may offer a significantly bigger potential jackpot, such as £1 million or more!

The base game RTP of a progressive jackpot slot refers to the game's potential payback when it is first seeded. This is fixed and does not change over time. The seed value is the value of the jackpot prize that it will begin to grow from.

It is also important to mention that the RTP that comes from an increasing jackpot is theoretical until it is actually won. This is crucial because the RTP may indicate when a progressive slot game is offering more long-term value potential. Also, the theoretical RTP rate will remain unknown in almost all progressive games, as you most likely will not have enough information to determine it.

You could potentially guess the theoretical RTP value by looking at the jackpot seed amount, base game RTP and where the jackpot is currently. In simple terms, a progressive jackpot that has significantly exceeded its seed amount can potentially offer a higher value.

For example: Let's say a certain slot offers a 95% RTP in the base game, and the progressive jackpot starts at £100,000. Over time, the potential jackpot prize reaches £1 million. You may now estimate the theoretical RTP to be around 98%.

In addition, lower RTP rates could also be associated with progressive slots because some progressive slot machines can be found in land-based casinos. These typically offer casino games and slots with lower RTP rates.

Where Can You Find The RTP on Slots?

You can find the RTP of your favourite online slots by looking at our huge selection of slot game reviews. You can also find ideas of the best RTP slots to play over on the Kong Casino blog. Finally, for the most up-to-date information on slot RTPs, check a slot game's paytable before you play.

 *All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.