Best Paying Online Scratch Cards - Win Real Money

Scratch cards, also known as instant games, gained popularity in 1985. They were introduced in the UK in 1990 and quickly became one of the most played casino games worldwide. Online scratch cards are similar to the traditional scratch-off cards you'll find at supermarkets and newsagents. In fact, it is estimated that you can now buy scratch cards in approximately 40,000 shops across the UK!

If you are new to online instant games, you might not be familiar with some games or know where to begin your search. That's where we at Kong Casino can help!

In this article, we will be explaining all you need to know about online scratch cards and instant games. This includes how they work if you can potentially win real money on them, which ones could be considered the best paying scratch cards and other frequently asked questions.

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Online scratch cards work like regular scratch cards. The only difference is that it is played on the internet, and Random Number Generators (RNGs) ensure that the games are fair and random. 

When you press play, the numbers or symbols displayed when you scratch are randomly chosen by the RNG. Sometimes, you might get lucky and reveal matching numbers or symbols that form winning combinations.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Online Scratch Cards?

Yes, you can potentially win real money on online scratch cards, as long as you bet using real money. The best thing about online scratch cards is that should you manage to form winning combinations, you will receive the prize instantly.

But, the possibility of instant money is not the only reason you may want to play scratch cards. Below are some of the reasons why many online players choose to play online scratch cards and instant games: 

  • Interaction and engagement: Most online scratch cards come with animations, bright colours and even sound effects!
  • A variety of themes to choose from: One of the best things about online scratch cards is that they have various themes to choose from, just like online slots. For example, some scratch cards may have a luxury theme or an irish theme.
  • Not time-consuming: If you're pressed for time and just want to play a simple game, online scratch cards can be a great option as they typically don’t take too long to play.
  • Affordable: Scratch cards can start from as little as £0.05 per game. How much you pay will depend on how many games you want to play. For example, the Hot Safari 50,000 scratch card starts at £0.50 for a single game and goes up to £22.50 for 50 games. However, it is important to point out that this may not be the case for all scratch card and instant games as prices may differ, so be sure to double-check.

What Are The Best Paying Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are the digital versions of most physical scratch cards. The only difference is that they have extra features and offer potential instant cash payouts. The following are considered some of the potentially best paying online scratch cards:

Diamond Strike 100,000

The Diamond Strike 100,000 scratch card game takes you down a diamond mine where you will mine treasures in the hopes of potentially winning up to £100,000. The minimum bet starts at £1 for a single game and up to £45 for 50 games. If you choose to play 25 games, you will save 5% of your bet amount, and 50 games come with a 10% discount.

Stargate Scratch

Stargate Scratch is a multi-game scratch card with a science fiction theme. You can place your bet starting from just £0.05 up to £5. It has 5 game panels to choose from and provides you with up to 12 chances to potentially win up to 1,000x your stake. 

Stargate Scratch also has a bonus game where you could win up to 20 games should you reveal the correct symbols during the multi-panel game. You will be given 3 lives, and each time you choose a card, you will either reveal a "Lose a life" or a "Prize Amount" card. The latter will add an amount to the “Bonus Won” meter on the screen, and the "Lose a life” card will eliminate 1 life out of your 3 lives. Potential bonus game prizes can range from 5x up to 500x your stake.

Queen of Gold 100,000

Created by Pragmatic Play, the Queen of Gold 100,000 scratch card game has the potential of awarding you up to £100,000. It has an Egyptian theme and up to 50 games. A single game is worth £1, and 50 games are worth £45.00. 

Fruity Flurry

The Fruity Flurry scratch card has up to 10 games. A single game is worth £0.80, 4 games are worth £4, and 10 games are worth £8, respectively. So when playing Fruity Flurry, you could potentially win up to £50,000. The Fruity Flurry scratch game looks slightly similar to fruit machine slots because they both contain bright, colourful fruit symbols.

Shave the Beard 

The Shave the Beard scratch card game has a bit of an unusual theme, but that is all the reason why it is such an intriguing game. The objective is to shave off the man's beard to reveal potential prizes.

Instead of cards with symbols, you will be playing over an illustrated character with an orange beard. You have to reveal 3 matching numbers in order to form a winning combination, and you may potentially win up to £50,000.

7 Piggies 5,000

7 Piggies 5,000 is a simple online scratch card game with an animal farm theme. With stunning visuals and symbols, the 7 Piggies 5,000 scratch card starts from a minimum bet of £0.25 for a single game, and up to £11.25 for 50 games. Match 3 symbols, and you could win up to £5,000!

How To Play Online Scratch Card Games

Usually, an online scratch card's gameplay may differ from online megaways slots but is fundamentally similar to that of traditional scratch cards: you scratch off an area of the card to reveal symbols. You will have to match a particular number of symbols to create a winning combination. So, this is how it typically works: 

  • Choose the scratch card game you want.
  • Place your wager. The bet amounts vary, so check your game's information before placing your bet. 
  • On a physical scratch card, you would scratch away to reveal the symbols on the card. However, online, you have to scratch on your screen using your finger on mobile devices or a mouse on desktop computers where you want to reveal a symbol.
  • Match a specific number of symbols (usually 3) to land a potential win. However, game rules may vary for each, so be sure to read through the game rules before scratching.

Many online scratch cards are appealing because they usually come with extra features that a physical scratch card cannot. Not to mention they're easily accessible, and you can play online without having to leave your home.

Generally, to be eligible to form a potentially winning combination, you must match 3 symbols. But, this is not always the case. 

The best way to know how your chosen scratch card game forms winning combinations is by checking the paytable. Then, if you manage to create winning combinations, you will receive your winnings instantly.

Scratch Cards FAQs

Does Anyone Win Online Scratch Cards?

Yes, players who play scratch card games can win real money on them. There are recorded accounts of people winning up to £1 million from scratch cards.

Are Online Scratch Cards Real?

Yes, online scratch cards are real. They are just not physical. When you play them, you play with real money and should you win, and you will win real cash prizes.

Can You Win Big On Online Scratch Cards?

Yes, it is possible to win big with online scratch cards just like high RTP slots. For example, with Fruity Flurry, you could potentially win up to £50,000.

Is Playing Online Scratch Cards Worth It?

Yes. Online scratch cards are generally affordable and could potentially payout handsomely. Moreover, you can play them in the comfort of your own home. Just choose a reputable online casino like to play from.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.