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Do Online Slots Remember You?

do online slots remember you

Slot machines are on a journey of their own. Legend has it that the first-ever slot machine was invented in 1894 in San Francisco and was called 'The Liberty Bell.' Ever since the creation of these slots, one question haunts nearly every player's mind… 'Do slots remember you?' 

Today, slot machines are operated through complex algorithms called RNGs (Random Number Generators). The same goes for online slot machines. RNGs have become the dominant software to operate these slots as each number is randomly generated, so none of the outcomes can be predicted. 

These RNGs have no memory card and cannot be influenced by previous rounds. This also ends the famous myth that online slots remember you and keep track of what you lost and won. So, the fact is that online slots don't remember you. 

Keep reading if you're truly curious about how online slots operate and whether they remember you or not. Those of you who are interested in playing some of the best online slots can find them all available right here, at the online slots site Kong Casino. 

Do Online Slots Remember What You Won? 

Wondering if online slots remember you and what you've won? Let's answer that question right away - online slots have zero memory of the previous round. Hence, they have no clue what you may have won, lost, or how long you've been playing for. There's just simply no memory card installed in slot machines. 

However, online slots offer an RTP (Return to Player) percentage that can help you understand what payout you may get if you keep playing a certain slot. The RTP percentage is calculated using the information of the payouts players have received overtime against the amount they have wagered. 

Since online slots use RNGs, every game is random, and every player has an equal and fair chance of winning. 

Do Online Slots Have Memory? 

Nope - not a trace of memory! For those of you who are wondering, 'Do online slots have memory?' you should know that no hidden database exists of the spins and payouts players are getting. Instead of having such memory, these slot machines only provide you with the RTP percentage.

The reason for this is that proper licensing institutions are regulating online slot machines. These institutions ensure that every game is fair and every outcome is random so that all players have a chance of winning. These institutions also test the software that creates the slots' outcomes and the RNG they run on to ensure no pattern exists. 

To calculate your slots RTP percentage, divide the total money you win by the total money you wager over time and multiply it by 100.  

How do Online Slots Decide Who Wins? 

RNGs decide who wins in online slots, but these RNGs are programmed to produce results randomly. So, every time anyone hits the spin button, a random outcome is generated and converted into a slot result to be displayed on the reels. 

These spins are calculated through mathematical equations that are not under the control of online live casinos. Since slots don't know if you've won or not, every spin can produce any result. The software initially sets up the algorithm with a seed value (starting value). This is because an initial value is required for something to execute repeatedly. 

This is the seed value, which can be taken from several processes such as a pattern to a mouse click, a computer's clock, or a set of keystrokes. This translates to each symbol on the reel being assigned a specific value in new online slots. Now, when you spin the reels, the algorithm will produce unique numbers at a lightning pace. The numbers produced when the reels stop spinning will determine which symbols pop up on your screen. 

One thing to remember is that each symbol is weighted differently. In a game with 32 symbols per reel, the chances of a specific symbol landing on a certain reel are 1 to 32.

Is it Better to Play Different Slots or Stick With the Same One? 

Now that you know the answer to 'Do online slots remember you?' Let's address the biggest superstition in slots - is it better to play different mobile slots or the same ones? Well, it's a matter of each to their own. 

Many players believe slot machines get hot (very likely to payout) and cold (less likely to payout). According to this myth, certain slots would be better to play when they're hot and not cold. However, there's no such thing as hot and cold when it comes to slot machines!

As previously mentioned, every spin produces a random outcome, thanks to the wonders of the RNGs. So, playing the same slot or different ones won't make a difference in your potential earnings. However, you may experience various fun slots if you choose to play different ones. Plus, playing the same one might start boring you.

However, if you're a fan of keeping things simple, play the same slot, and you potentially might find that you'll get closer to the slot’s expected RTP. Hence, you could try and choose slots that have high RTP if you want to play the same slot. Most online slot machines have an average RTP of 85-98%. The bottom line is - stay happy and have fun! Play the slots that entertain you the most, and play responsibly. Every result is random, just remember to have fun!

 *All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.