There are new online slot video games everywhere but what if there was a game with an exciting romantic theme, yet filled with mystery and dating back to the 19th century.

Paylines Reels Volatility RTP% Features
243 5 Medium 96.4% Stacked wilds, scatters, free spins mode

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Imagine being in Paris in the 19th century. Everything related to art and literature is at its peak at that time. What if you were to go back to that time and live into what can be referred to as a famous novel and, still to this day, a remarkable musical? The Phantom of the Opera might ring a bell.

The theme of the game are curtains so you are, in fact, at an opera. What makes it more entertaining is that you’re playing a slot machine there. Moving on to the game, the symbols are quite entertaining. The Wild Symbol are represented by all the symbols apart from The Letter and The Mask. The Scatter symbol is represented by The Mask.

There are 5 Reels and holds 243 Pay Lines. The RTP of The Phantom of the Opera is remarkable and is 96%. The developer of the game need no introduction as every dedicated player is familiar of MicroGaming.


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The Phantom of the Opera Bonus Round

The thrill of the game cannot just be limited to the number of its Pay Lines but its bonus features. Its exciting free and extra spins, not to mention its wide variety of Wilds, always keep it as a center of attention.

Here is what The Phantom of the Opera offers:

– The Chandelier bonus can turn as much as 3 Wild reels.
– You can get 20 TIMES the reward if The Letter finds it ways on the 5th Reel
– If the Scatter appears thrice, you’ll have access to three different features:
– You can have 10 free spins.
– A level 3 feature where you select a mask to win cash prizes.
– 10 free spins with Raoul and Christine symbol dancing. It is their dancing moves that can help you earn a lot of Wilds.