Ever fancied playing an online slot game that is also a bit of a puzzle game? Ever fancied pairing an online slot with say, ‘Candy Crush’? If so, then this game gives you a chance to do so!

Paylines Reels Volatility RTP% Features
5 5 Medium 94.02% BonusGame: Pick Objects, Cluster Pays, Jackpot, Level Up

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Instead of giving you the traditional reels of most online slots, ‘Fruit Blast’, by Pariplay, sits you in a tropical climate, at a tasty looking smoothie bar, and happily presents you with a grid of 25 symbol filled squares and a skill/ slot, high variance, hybrid to die for. Beautifully and colourfully designed, this game offers an RTP (return to player) rate of 94.02% and a different challenge with real longevity.
The basic aim of the game is to collect stars to level up and access bigger prizes. The way to do this is by filling up your various juice meters, lined up at the sides of the screen, by collecting rows of three or more pieces of matching fruit, lined up either horizontally or vertically. Each time you are successful in filling a fruit meter, the bartender will reward you for the juice you’ve collected with stars and potential a level up. With the option to either progress to the upper levels of this game or simply grab your winnings and run, ‘Fruit Blast’ both satisfying short and long games.


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Despite its unique combination of skill game and slot, there are a few similar games available to play if you enjoyed ‘Fruit Blast’. Big Time Gaming’s ‘Bonanza Slot’, Core Gaming’s ‘Beehive Bedlam Reactors’ and Thunderkick’s ‘Fruit Warp’ all offer slot gaming combined with puzzle elements.


Fruit Blast Bonus Round

The games bonus features come in form of the increasing skill levels you can access via successful play and a higher star rating. At first when you level up, you are even introduced to new bartenders. If you level up enough to meet tropical cutie Aloha, she will give you a special drink which will multiply your initial stake by eight, and moving on to meet Pat, will insure that you win a minimum of five free games.
As you progress through the levels, although the number of new bartenders decreases, the fruitfulness of the prizes increases, if you’ll excuse the pun. At level nine several your squares will change into circles which you can select one by one to reveal a bonus reward, however if you select the game over circle hidden there, the mini game is over, no matter how many are left to tease you.
Reaching level twelve will initiate an option that rewards massive prizes should you match 5 pieces of fruit, Level fifteen gives you bonuses for filling a single juice meter and level nineteen gives a free game and ten times your stake multiplier Once you reach the dizzy heights of level twenty-two you can expect a minimum base prize and level twenty-five will take you back to the circle based mini-game with the same rules but even better prizes.