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Boss The Lotto Casino Game

This Playtech Slots, is a slot game with a difference, in fact, it’s not really a slot game, it’s a game of pure, unadulterated chance, it’s a lotto.

Casino Site With Boss The Lotto

‘Boss the Lotto’ is a pure game of chance created by the team at Micro Gaming, that moves away from the gameplay of regular online slots. It has an attractive, colourful high-tech display which pays homage to many of the world’s most famous real time Lotto draws. All 49 balls are displayed on screen at any given time, all colourfully decorated and ready to tempt you into prolonged play. It the bottom of the screen, there is a lengthy bar which is home to a flashing light that indicates just how many good balls you have successfully selected.

The premise of the games is deviously simple, as most Lotto games are, but also fiendish to win really, big, although, unlike real Lotteries, you do, as the player, have a certain level of control. All you need to do to win the game, is to pick six numbers. The catch is, that out of these 49 tempestuous balls, only 43 of them want to be picked and the other six are bad. Games ending bad in fact. You can choose to let the game system pick your balls for you all in one swift move, or if you are not opposed to a little dramatic tension in your life, you can pick and reveal your balls to be good or bad, a nail biting one by one. And the crux of the game is, if you pick six good balls then you are a winner, but as soon as you reveal a baddie, it is goodnight Vienna regardless of whether its your first ball or your sixth.

The game offers a reasonable RTP (return to player) rate of 91% and a 1 in 2.3-win rate. Bets start at £1* and move up to a maximum of £10*, but with a possible £1* million-pound jackpot on most games, surely its worth a chance…or is it?

Boss The Lotto Developer

The software that supports the Boss The Lotto slot game is developed by Micro Gaming, which is one of the oldest and most recognized vendors of online casino software.

Similar Themed Games with Boss The Lotto

Although ‘Boss the Lotto’ is quite unique in both its presentation and gameplay, there are other similar games out there if you need an alternative and are prepared to look hard enough. Perhaps the nest of these is another game by Microgaming called Spin Lotto Online which fuses the stylings and gameplay of an online slot game and that of a Lotto game to good effect, allowing the balls you match to determine your winnings! There also another choice The Link Online Slot from same developer.

Boss The Lotto Bonus Round

Being a Lotto game and not really a slot, ‘Boss the Lotto’ doesn’t really offer bonus rounds in a traditional, slot sense. There are no free spins or massive multipliers, but what the game offers is the chance to win BIG.

Once you have successfully collected up your six winning balls from the 49 possible (was that not easy?) then the fun really begins as you are presented with the opportunity to continue to play and stake your winnings on another good ball for the displayed prize, and then another, and another and so on for as long as your nerve holds.

The premise is the same as the initial game, pick an additional good ball, win another prize and keep on doing so for the systems offered sum each time, until that is, you pick a dud and all your winnings disappear. Obviously, if you have the nerve and good fortune to select all the 43 good balls before uncovering a bad, then you will win the jackpot!

*Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: New players Only, £10 Min fund, £1,000 Max Bonus, Max Bonus Conversion equal to lifetime deposits up to £250. 65x Wagering requirements and Full T&C's Apply.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.