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Live Roulette Casino Games 

Live Roulette is a HD virtual Playtech Slots based on the traditional concept of European Roulette, a casino favourite found in all authentic casinos. This game takes you to the bright lights of Las Vegas to play some virtual roulette, complete with impressive animated graphics and realistic visuals to replicate authentic gameplay from the comfort of your own home. This game is all about guessing and luck, although there is room for some strategy in this traditional game. 

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Live Roulette is a virtual version of European Roulette, which is a casino favourite game that involves betting, stakes and strategy. Essentially, this is a game of guessing where the ball will land on the roulette table. You can bet anything from colours (black or red), number types (odd or even) or even go the whole way and choose a specific number. The general rule of this game is the more specific you guess, the higher the returns will be. Ultimately, the higher you place your bet, the higher the return will be depending on the odds set. You can play alongside other players and a game’s leader, shown in HD graphics in this modern casino game. Everything in this game is done through interactive visuals, creating a very seamless and simple gameplay which pretty much any level of player can get involved in.

This UK casino game is developed with all the latest technology, showing realistic looking virtual effects including other players and a game’s host. The roulette table is laid out exactly how you would see it in a real casino, in realistic HD graphics which are animated and designed to replicate an authentic casino game. There is an element of sophistication to this game, as a huge hit with players who enjoy the more traditional style of casino games. Live Roulette is potentially best suited to players looking to bet with fairly high stakes, as the returns can be very high for those with the higher betting styles. As every payout is down to one outcome, the pressure is on for your bets to be right. This usually means that players opt for a more dramatic betting style to keep the stakes high, the odds generous and the game exciting.

Live Roulette Bonus Round

In Live Roulette, the style and concept is rather different to your modern UK casino game. You can not find bonus rounds, jackpots or free spins in this game, with all focus placed on the roulette table and the spinning ball. With nothing else to distract you, this game can offer a very unique escape from a world full of modern casino games, taking us back to more classical casino times where games required more thought and strategy. With no bonus features to distract you, all that matters in this game is guessing correctly and winning a strong return.

Live Roulette Developer

Live Roulette is a HD virtual Playtech Slots based on the traditional concept of European Roulette, a casino favourite found in all authentic casinos. You can enjoy this exciting roulette style game from anywhere you are via compatible mobiles, tablets and all desktop devices here at For similar games to Live Roulette, you may enjoy 20P Roulette by NetEnt, which also includes the European Roulette gameplay with HD images